Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump's Triumph Safeguards Our Freedom, For Now

“A vote for Hillary is a vote to surrender our government to public corruption, graft, and cronyism that threatens the survival of our constitutional system itself,” Trump told an Arizona crowd on Oct. 29. “What makes us exceptional is that we are a nation of laws and that we are all equal under those laws. Hillary’s corruption shreds the principle on which our nation was founded.”

Amen. American voters have made the right choice once again and saved the nation from a downward spiral to corruption. Our civil liberties will be protected. The SCOTUS will be filled with justices who love our Constitution. The abominable Obamacare tax will be repealed. The awful legacy of the past eight years will finally be behind us. Thank you people of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and everyone else who helped saved America from the tyranny of the oppressive leftist extremists that try so hard to impose their immorality, high taxes and onerous regulations on the rest of us. God bless America!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Income & Expenses For October 2016

Since 2014, I have been tracking my monthly income and expenses. You can see a breakdown of every penny I earn and spend. For perspective, this budget is for a household of two in a small US city. By documenting my journey, I aim to demonstrate the feasibility of saving a significant portion of your income and provide some ideas and inspirations for your own budget.

Below are my income and expenses for October 2016. You can see all my monthly budgets here.
Oct 2016
Other Income$1,564.52
Total Income$32,273.96
Federal Income Tax$5,678.24
Federal Tax Pmt/(Refund)
Student loan repayment$160.47
Cell phone$12.90
Total Expense$6,927.39
Ex-Tax Total Expense$733.10
Before Tax Saving Rate78.54%
After Tax Saving Rate97.19%

Wages remain my primary source of income by far. This month it includes an annual $20k bonus.
Dividend income was $647.68.

Here is a chart of my dividend income by month for the past 13 months:
Total dividends for the trailing twelve months: $13,142.72, up 11% from $11,810.63 in October last year. 

Expenses are pretty typical this month.

Total expenses for the trailing twelve months: $9,545.16. 
Dividend to expense coverage ratio = 1.40, still at all-time high.

My after tax saving rate was 97.19% for the month of October, which is a high for the trailing twelve months due to the annual bonus. I expect to meet or exceed my 90% savings goal this year.