I am documenting my journey to total freedom!

What is total freedom? It is the ability to live one's life as one pleases, without restrictions. This is an ideal state I am striving to reach. It includes at least the following components:

1. Financial Freedom: ability to support one's living expenses from passive income only.
2. Physical Freedom: maintaining optimal health free of diseases.
3. Mental Freedom: ability to think for oneself instead of following the crowd.
4. Relationship Freedom: limiting any relationship with anyone else to just that which is mutually beneficial, without feelings of obligation, indebtedness, or guilt.
5. Materialistic Freedom: freedom from materialism and consumerism, favoring simple living over escalating one's lifestyle with one's income or succumbing to the whims of the god of fashion.


  1. Some admirable goals to strive for, both financially and life in general. Mental freedom gives way to the other four as you allow yourself to live differently than those around you.

    1. Right. I am still working on all these goals. It is an exciting lifetime journey!

  2. I'm curious to know how old you are? Could you share? :)

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    Wow on your portfolio BTW

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